Follow The Data, Follow the Crime: Key Insights from Guy Sheppard

Follow The Data, Follow the Crime: Key Insights from Guy Sheppard

Leverage data and AI to outsmart evolving tactics. Explore insights on combating financial crime.

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Guy Sheppard, ADI’s Chief Commercial Officer, recently shared his insights on leveraging data and AI in the fight against financial crime. During the panel discussion "Follow the Data, Follow the Crime,” alongside his fellow experts such as Nick Vitchev of Chartis Research, Steven Shapiro from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Raina Verma of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), Guy emphasized the importance of innovation, AI integration, and collaboration to maintain a competitive edge against evolving criminal tactics.

Here are key insights from Guy during the discussion:

Evolve or Be Left Behind

Shining a spotlight on the constantly changing landscape of financial crime, it's crucial to adapt our strategies accordingly.

Stay Vigilant to Tech-Driven Threats

From state-backed entities to sophisticated criminal gangs, technology is their weapon. Vigilance is our shield.

Outcome Matters

Tools alone won't suffice; disruption is the goal. Embracing outcome-focused regulation is key to effective fraud control.

AI: the New Guardian

Optimize traditional rules with AI-driven detection. The focus is on optimizing alerts and detecting dynamic behavior patterns.

Democratize Data

Accessible, high-quality data fuels effective fraud detection. Democratization within organizations is the first line of defense.

Foster Collaboration

Building bridges between financial institutions and law enforcement is paramount. There should be robust public-private partnerships and sandbox environments for experimentation.

Guy's insights provide a valuable guide for developing effective strategies to combat financial crime. ADI remains dedicated to innovation and excellence, empowering enterprises to navigate these challenges with AI-powered solutions.