Partner Spotlight - Solution Innovation Services (SIS)

Partner Spotlight - Solution Innovation Services (SIS)

Get ready for ADI’s dynamic collaboration with SIS. Gain insights from impactful AI projects shaping the capabilities in the power sector!

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In this Partner Spotlight, we connect with Joe Loo, Co-founder and Director at Solution Innovation Services (SIS). Explore the genesis of our impactful partnership, delving into collaborative AI projects in the power sector. With Joe's impressive 25 years of experience in utility information systems, his extensive role in global utility markets - specializing in Customer Relationships, Billing, and more - gained insights into our joint digital transformation journey. Discover the profound impact on power industry customers and the sector at large, and receive valuable advice for utility companies venturing into AI adoption. Join us as we unveil the unique facets of our partnership, contributing to shared growth. Stay tuned for a revealing exploration!

Q: SIS has over 20 years of global experience in developing digital business solutions in the Utilities sector. Can you describe how the partnership between SIS and ADI started?

Joe: The partnership first started when we collaborated with ADI in the development and rollout of trading solutions in the power sector. In addition, the synergy between SIS and ADI led to the market together with utility-centric solutions for other utility companies in Asia.

Q: We have worked together on our collaborative AI projects in power. Could you elaborate on what the partnership is about and SIS’ role in it?

Joe: This partnership enables us to bring “real value” by targeting known business pain points faced by utilities globally. SIS’s key focus is on delivering digital transformation for the utility industry and we complement it nicely with ADI by integrating into their AI models and presenting the analytical outcome in a meaningful user interface thus enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Q: What are your learnings from the collaboration? How do our collaborative AI projects impact customers within the power industry and the sector as a whole?

Joe: Through this collaboration, we have identified the strengths of both companies and where we can better divide our roles and bring value to the market. The lessons learned allow us to further improve our offering to not only the Utilities we serve but also benefit end consumers.

Q: As a digital solutions provider, what is the advice to utility companies seeking to adopt AI in their operations?

Joe: Utility companies are generally less progressive and technologically behind the curve compared to companies in the Finance and High-Tech industries. Our advice to them is to put on their design and analytical thinking hat, be bold, think out of the box, and look beyond their standard product offering.

Wrapping this insightful piece, we encourage you to explore more of ADI's compelling stories and cutting-edge solutions in the power sector. Uncover how our partnerships yield success with a revolutionary AI-powered asset inspection system and valuable insights on our blog. Immerse yourself in a realm of possibilities and unlock the power of data and AI for resilient, efficient, and future-ready energy solutions.