Women Strengthen AI Solutions at ADI through Symbiotic AI

Women Strengthen AI Solutions at ADI through Symbiotic AI

This is how women strengthen AI solutions at ADI, emphasizing our commitment to symbiotic AI in the power sector.

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As the tech sector strives to achieve gender balance in the workforce, women's contribution in realizing innovation and progress cannot be discounted. However, from the stats below, there is an indication that we still have a long way to go to achieve gender equality. These job clusters encompass roles highlighting the enduring importance of human interaction in the economy, such as marketing, sales, people and culture, and content production. Alongside those are positions related to emerging technologies like cloud computing, engineering, and data and AI. These job clusters requiring disruptive technical skills demonstrate a gender gap, with only 14% female workforce in cloud computing, 20% in engineering, and 32% in data and AI. 

Relationship between female representation in job cluster and share of disruptive technology skills. Source: World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2021 (Insight Report March 2021).

Within ADI, women significantly contribute to the advancement of AI solutions. Employing symbiotic AI, where human intelligence meets AI, ensures that we continuously improve our capabilities beyond what either AI or humans can do on their own. This approach aligns with our values of human-centricity and ethical principles. ADI is committed not only to including women in the tech space but also to ensuring sustainability by preparing them for the future of work. ADI believes that technological advancements should not only drive operational efficiency but also elevate human potential.

Collaboration with Connected Women

ADI’s commitment to responsible AI design goes beyond mere technological innovation. ADI envisions a symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, seeking to integrate human intelligence beyond interfaces. This approach fueled a collaboration with Connected Women, a social impact startup dedicated to helping Filipino women find meaningful online careers. This collaboration is a conscious design choice to deliver even more economic opportunities to those most at risk of being relegated in this increasingly digital world.

ADI and Connected Women debunk that AI would take away work from humans through its partnership wherein women in less privileged communities take on data cleansing and data annotation services with accuracy and efficiency. In photo (from L to R): ADI CEO Dr. David R. Hardoon, Aboitiz Foundation Inc. Manager for Enterprise Development Program Gero Torres, Connected Women Founder and Head of Special Projects Gina Romero, Connected Women CEO Agnes Gervacio, ADI CMO Felicia Li-Gaillard, and Connected Women Co-founder Ruth Yu-Owen.

By partnering with Connected Women, we aim to democratize AI by providing economic and social opportunities to those otherwise sidelined. By engaging Connected Women Elevate AIDA (Artificial Intelligence and Data Annotation) graduates in advanced skills such as data cleansing and data annotation, ADI not only improves model accuracy but also provides pathways for women to contribute actively to the digital economy and the AI industry. This initiative marked a pivotal shift in its solution design, monitoring, and applied research, exemplifying our commitment to a more equitable and impactful AI landscape.

Empowering Women through Symbiotic AI

Looking ahead, ADI’s vision is to continue fostering a symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, envisioning a future where AI solutions augment human capabilities and vice versa. ADI champions an ecosystem where human intelligence interacts with AI platforms to enhance data-driven capabilities, as well as AI-powered systems that uplift both the industry and society. This approach will pave the way to bridge the gap between technological advancement and societal progress.

This journey at ADI reflects a paradigm shift — one that places humans front and center of technological innovation. By embracing a human-centric ethos and collaborating with organizations like Connected Women, the company is not just shaping the future of AI but also preparing women for the future of work. Through Symbiotic AI, ADI aspires to build trust in technology, champion empowerment to all involved, and pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable industry landscape.